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DS Printech China is co-organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, China Screen Printing & Graphic Imaging Association (CSGIA) and Guangzhou Teyin Exhibition Service (GZ Teyin). The fair, DS Printech China, is a rebranding of their existing events: the 30 year-plus CSGIA and the concurrent Textile Digital Printing China.

The first edition after re-branding was successfully held in Shenzhen in October 2020. South China and East China are the two major markets for screen printing and digital printing in China. In accordance with the city rotation tradition of the exhibition, the upcoming exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from November 21 to 23, 2023.

Locating in the core city of the East China market, the industrial dedicated event will bring exhibitors new insights, opportunities and vitality, helping exhibitors to recharge business in 2023.

Exhibitor list 2019

Alwwin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
American Biltrite Far East Inc
Anhui Alsafety Reflective Material Co., Ltd
Anhui Jinnuo Networks Co., Ltd.
Anhui Lanqi Mesh Weaving Co., Ltd
Anhui Lixin Yilong Mesh Co., Ltd.
Anhui Tomis Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Yifeng Mesh Co., Ltd
Anping County Resen Screen Co., Ltd
Baoding Rongda Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd
Brother Machinery Shanghai Co., Ltd
Changzhou Juist Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Changzhou Kailong Sieves Net Co., Ltd
Changzhou Pletprinting Technology Co., Ltd
Changzhou Youtai New Material International Trading Co., Ltd
Chl-Chenghelong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Chuzhou Fulei Printing Material Co., Ltd
CK Laser
Colorful Foil Co., Ltd
Colorking Heat Press Machine Co., Ltd
Daeson Int'l Co., Ltd
Dalian Bateng Printing And Dyeing Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Alpha New Materials Co., Ltd
Dongguan Baoxinheli Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Dongguan Batu Printing Materials Co., Ltd
Dongguan Caisheng Heat Transfer Printing Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Changlian New Materials Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Chaoqian Heat Transfer Printing Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Chengyin Silicone Tech Co., Ltd
Dongguan Crown Printing Machineryry Co., Ltd
Dongguan Dopsing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Humen Tianli Printing Equipment Factory
Dongguan Jiahe Silk Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Dongguan Jinyu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Liangzhan Silicone Tech Co., Ltd
Dongguan Lianxingtai Heat Transfer Printing Co., Ltd
Dongguan Lichao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Meidelin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Menglan Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Ouyue Automation Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Qiansebian New Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Raoye
Dongguan Ruike Industrial Co., Ltd
Dongguan Sayu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd
Dongguan Shengchang Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Shunxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Tengze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Tianhui New Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Tianlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Dongguan Topmax Printing Material Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Xinchaoyue Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Xinghe (Donglong) Printing Material Co., Ltd
Dongguan Yitong Industries Co., Ltd
Dongguan Zaotina Stamp Material Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Zhenying Machinery&Equipment Co., Ltd
Echo Chemical Co., Ltd
Epson (China) Co., Ltd.
Fixatti (China) Polymer Specialties Co., Ltd
Foshan Minghui Silk Printing Equipment Factory
Fucheng Xinhe Prining Material Co., Ltd
Fuding Feiyun New Material Co., Ltd
Fuji Chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd
Funsun Development Limited
Gildan China Trading Company Co., Ltd
Giolite Lumian Co., Ltd
Great World Ink & Paint Co., Ltd
Guangdong Aces Machinery Co., Ltd
Guangdong Foshan Jinchun Screen Printing Equipment Factory
Guangdong Guanhong Glitter Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Belsey Curing Machines Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Boerwen Heat Transfer Products Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Boshang Scienceand Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Changjiang Film Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Hanma Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Kaiyu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Lihe Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Onenine Digital Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Qiya Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Silim Printing Machinery Co,Ltd
Guangzhou Yijiu Silkscreen Material Co., Ltd.
Guanzhou Cnding Robot Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Henkey Ink&Print Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Kaiheng Mesh Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Kewang Special Ink Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Luxing Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Taoxing Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Hebei Anping Printing Screen Co., Ltd
Hebei Doyan Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Hebei Province Fukasawa County Jinlong Rubber Co., Ltd
Hefei Dingliang Optical Technology Co., Ltd
Hefei Huayue New Materials Technology Co., Ltd
Hefei Luming Reflective Material Co., Ltd
Hefei Polymeric Radiation Technology Co., Ltd
Huacai Textile Printing Materials Co., Ltd
Huaibei Qiangzhisheng Net Industry Co., Ltd
Ikonics Corporation
Jiangsu Alion Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Gis Laser Technologies Inc
Jiangsu Shuoxiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Jiangyin Allnice Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Jiangyin Hao Sheng Screen Company Co., Ltd
Jiangyin Hengyu Screen Company Limited
Jiangyin Jusdamesh Products Co., Ltd
Jilin City Debao Color Printing Co., Ltd
Jinan Yuezhuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Jinjiang Shenhu Jiansheng Printing Co., Ltd.
Jinjiang Xinxinghao Shoe And Garment Material Co., Ltd
Juece Book Co., Ltd
Kenny Automation Co., Ltd
Kenteer (Xiamen) New Material Science And Technology Co., Ltd
Kiichang Textile Co., Ltd
Kingma Silk Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Kinzel Printing Systems Co., Ltd
Lancer Group International Co., Ltd
Lingtie(Xiamen)Machinery Co., Ltd
Linqing Xinfeng Screen Printing Machinery Factory
Linqu Aotite Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Linxi Hengshuo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Lion & Hero (Dongguang) Technology Co., Ltd
Lixin Feida Screen Co., Ltd
Lixin Hengfeng Screen Mesh Weaving Co., Ltd.
Lixin Jiaxiang Screen Printing Mesh Co., Ltd
Lixin Net Cloth Factory
Lixin Xinsheng Network Industry Co., Ltd.
Mingju New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Nanchang Chenyu Printing Co., Ltd
Nanjing Henghui Reflective Material Co., Ltd
Nanjing Print-Pretty Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Nantong Huapuphotoelectric Material Co., Ltd.
Nantong Mingjie Chemical Materials Co., Ltd
Nantong Xinyang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
New Waves(China)Apparel Co., Ltd
Ningbo Halfc Accessory Co., Ltd
Oota Emulsion (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Osung C & T Co., Ltd
Polytech (Shenzhen) Inc.
Primus Chemical Co., Ltd
Print Your Design
Qifeng Screen Printing Squeegee Factory
Qingdao Hengjinding Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Qingdao New Era Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Rnt Printing Ink Limited
Rugao Tianyuan Dress Printing Co., Ltd.
Sequoia (Anping) Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shandong Qichu Shangmao Co., Ltd
Shanghai Anping Static Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Fanting Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Fengtai Machinery Co., Ltd
Shanghai Guangshun Machinery Co., Ltd
Shanghai Huayin Bolting Cloth Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shanghai Inmei Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jincong Industrial Co., Ltd
Shanghai Jinmai Shiye Co., Ltd
Shanghai Ketchview Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Shanghai Laoan Coating Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Liantan Chemical Co., Ltd
Shanghai Micron Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Penghui Trading Co., Ltd
Shanghai Shangshai Bolting Cloth Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shanghai Sisheng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd
Shanghai Smart Fabric Co,Ltd
Shanghai Tianyang Hot Melt Adhesives Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xiangtai Industrial Co., Ltd
Shanghai Xibao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yanrong Baoling Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yicai Testing Instrument Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yuanfan New Material Science And Technology Co,Ltd
Shaoxing Gesheng Wiremesh Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing Hongda Machine Co., Ltd
Shengzhou Dingda Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenze County Huayu Rubber And Plastic Co., Ltd.
Shenze Jiamei Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Shenze Yixin Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Ante-Land Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Blueport Reflective Material Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Boyan Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Changqi Printing Material Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Chemica Trading Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Field Import & Export Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Halic Tech Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Hongtu Zhang's Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Junye Heat Transfer Printing Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Lingchuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Longgang District Haixinhang Lettering Film Firm
Shenzhen Quantong Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Scien-Jc Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Winnerbanner Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Xinfuhang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Zamfun Garment Accessories Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Hotsun Printing Material Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Senhua Rubberand Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Shenghui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Wanma Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Xiangsheng Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Xinhong Yescreen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Shishi Decai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
Sixian Hengxing Heat Press Machinery Co., Ltd
So.L.Ter.Srl Plotterfilms
Somi Tape Industrial Limited
Sophah Screenprinting Technology Co., Ltd
SPAK (Screen Printing Association of Korea)
Stahls Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Starlight Garment Co., Ltd
Success Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Sunley Nova Material (Quzhou) Co., Ltd
Suzhou Gridetc New Energy Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Hummberg Paper Co., Ltd
Suzhou Savage Digital
Suzhou Tiandijiu Printing Nachine Company
Suzhou Yinmeida Paper Technology Co., Ltd
Taizhou Best Mesh Co., Ltd
Taizhou City Conghui Fine-Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Tianjing Fudong Printing Material Factory
Unikonex Technologies Co., Ltd.
Uuirich (Suzhou) Bolting Cloth Co., Ltd
Wenling Donghai Screen Mesh Co., Ltd
Wenling Sanjin Printing Machinery Factory
Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co., Ltd
Wenzhou Lifelike Chemical Co., Ltd
Wonderful(Shenzhen)Technology Co., Ltd
Wuqiang Wuhuan Yinshua Cailiao Youxian Gongsi
Wuxi Shengxu Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd
Wuxi Shuoding Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Xiamen Bateng Southtec Greentech Co., Ltd
Xiamen Kuroki Technology Co., Ltd
Xiamen Sanhengli Printer Co., Ltd
Yantai Meixin Photo Electric Technology Co., Ltd
Yantai Tianjiu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd
Yidrl Polyester Mesh
Yiwu Courage Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Yiwu Dongcheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Yiwu Sunmeta Technology Co., Ltd
Yixing Dingtai Print Edmaterial Products Co.Ltd.
Yixing Xinjiacheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd
Yixing Xintianli Technology Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Guangyintong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Jiqiang Garment Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Shaiboer Industry Mesh Co., Ltd
Zhenjiang Tianyirongbang Paper Products Co., Ltd
Zhongshan Detu Screen Printing Technology Co., Ltd
Zhongshan Sansheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
Zhongshan Santai Printing Materials Co., Ltd
Zhongshanyuansheng Garment Printing Material Co., Ltd
Zhongyi Ink & Paint Co., Ltd

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